by shelbyisrad

My grandmother got 32 more baby chicks today. and they are quite adorable.

in the box

We put them in the cages and they’re so cute! They’re very sleepy upon arrival because shipping is hard on a newborn chick.

hot chicks 😀

Sleeping butt in the air

she was VERY sleepy


heres an up close picture

pure cutenesss

But this little ball of fluffines discovered it can fit through the bars of the cage and started to escape.

Its so cute but its an escape artist, and she’s taught her ways to the others.

So i’ve spent the last hour with my computer and blanket on the floor in the kitchen catching chicks as they escape and putting them back in the cage.

she just got out AGAIN and as soon as she saw me she climbed  right on me and started chirping like crazy!! maybe she just thinks i’m her momma?