The beginnings of a blog.

by shelbyisrad

I have never been good at blogging, I never really know what to say. and I usually end up forgetting about it and not updating for a while. But I enjoyed having a blog in the past and I’m excited to be doing one again. It probably won’t be much, just silly ramblings that no one cares too much about. But thats okay i think.

I’ve got NO idea what I’m doing with the theme and stuff, so that’ll probably be changing a lot until i find something or figure out how to edit and customize everything. But since you’re here I guess I’ll tell you about myself.

My name is Shelby, I am 19, a college student. I don’t have ANY idea what I want to major in or what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m hoping to figure that out soon. I attend University of North Carolina Wilmington. I spent my freshmen year at home probably 45% of the time though since home is only 30 mins from UNCW. I made a few pretty good friends but did not get really close to anyone and that makes me very sad.

This is my most recent picture taken on my mac. Thats my blankey i'm holding

I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I believe he died for my sins so that i may receive God’s grace. I’m no good at this relationship though, I screw up constantly, I don’t read my bible much and I forgot to pray a lot. I try though, so hard, to walk my life in a way that brings God glory and honor. I’m just not good at it at all.

I live (when I’m not at school) with my grandparents and older brother on 6 acres of land surrounded by chickens, grass, and  two horses. We also have a crazy silly dog named Lucy and I have a beta fish, Oswald. My room is mostly windows and 99% of the time. a complete disaster. I would walk to the ends of the earth for my family, I do everything for my grandparents and I adore my older brother, he’s my hero but I don’t think he knows it. I also have a younger sister and brother who live with their father. and my mom lives in mississippi (i think).

Cameo and Luna

I’ll post more about my family and our animals in the future.

My friends are like family. I’ve never had a huge family but there are about 500 million people in my life who have fulfilled every family i could ever even dream of. I have men who i call dad, women i consider to be moms, a ton of sisters and brothers, some who are like aunts and uncles and even a few grandparents. None of them are related by blood but the bond we share is stronger than blood could create. These people shape me as much as any blood relative ever has and I am always in awe that God has blessed me with these people. I don’t have a picture that has even half of them all in it but heres one of one of the most wonderful people God has created, the most amazing 3 (almost 4) year old to ever exist, Reagan:

My sweet Reagan.

There is this boy, his name is Robbie, and I have called him my boyfriend for about 3 and half months now, he is sweet and caring, he buys me flowers and he makes me laugh. Though we argue sometimes over usually silly things he makes me smile all the time. His blue eyes are magical i swear, they make me melt (and pretty much every girl he meets, can’t count the times i’ve heard girls say “you’ve got such pretty eyes” or something of the sort) His family is amazing too, I enjoy being around them just as much as I enjoy spending time with him.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us ever.

This is the picture of us the world loves. The AMAZING Hope Lewis took it 🙂

A few more things to share:

I love books, NeedToBreathe, jewelry, sugar, candy, the color yellow, berries, flowers; especially yellow flowers, the sun, living near the beach, summer, sundresses, cute shoes, being barefoot, sleeping in, coffee with lots of sugar and cream, delicious food, my blankey, pictures, taking pictures, being in pictures, and picture frames.

A secret:

I follow a lot of blogs, 75% of them are moms who blog about their lives/homes/and crafty things.