by shelbyisrad

I have an attitude problem.

No, really, I do. I find myself so often unhappy and grumpy about things that aren’t really that important.

I am touchy, and I get annoyed easily, I snap at people when they don’t deserve it, and I will sit in silence in a room full of people if I get the slightest bit aggravated over anything.

I am prideful and selfish and I hate that about myself. Its an awful way to be, and its ugly too.

I am always focused on ‘me me me‘ what do I want, what makes me happy. (Heck, i said ‘I’ nine times before this sentence)

I rarely stop and think of others feelings without thinking of MINE first.

I know that many in the world are like this too, its our sinful nature, but I HATE it, and it is SOOO unbiblical its not even funny!

At lifepoint today we talked a lot about being humble, and putting others above you, its a backwards thing in this world. But its the Christ like way to live and I really desire to change my ways and become a servant to others. I felt like every word Pastor Jeff was saying were straight from God shaking me and showing me just how selfish I am.

If you struggle with humbleness as much as I do I want to share the ‘3 keys to humility’ we were told today.

1. Humility looks up.

It takes a lower position, saying to others “You are more important to me”, pretty much just putting others ahead of yourself, “Its not about me” Humility is an upward focus life.

2. Humility gives up.

Refuses to have an entitlement mentality, instead of clinging to everything, humbleness allows you to give things up for others.

3. Humility takes up.

Taking up the servant heart and attitude and putting others first.

(All of these things were from Philippians 2:1-11, pastor Jeff said it all a lot better than I did, this as just from my scribbled notes. I’m going to post the link of his message in here as soon as its put online)

Basically, I just want to apologize.

I want to say sorry to all my friends, and those close to me, even those who I don’t even really know; but I’ve snubbed you, said something mean, or thought of myself before I thought of you.

I hope you’ll forgive me, and know that I am going to change, and its going to be hard, man I know that, and I know that in posting this its like opening myself up and that God is going to put me in positions where I should be humble and not prideful and I know I’m going to really screw it up a thousand times and maybe only get it right once or twice and then i’ll screw up again, but I’m going to try.

and again, I am sorry, if you’re reading this, I’m sure I’ve been selfish and prideful in some way towards you and I am sorry a thousand times.

I love you all.