by shelbyisrad

I am sitting here, my hair wrapped in a towel, going over my mental list of things I need for the Cru. Leadership Retreat i am going to be leaving for in about an hour. I should be getting ready but I wanted to share my excitement with my few readers, and I haven’t posted a blog in a while.

Cru. is Campus Crusade for Christ, its a college ministry we have at UNCW as well as on campuses world wide. I am blessed to have the privilege to co-lead a bible study this year for freshmen girls, with a friend I met in the bible study I was a part of my freshmen year. Kate and I will be leading girls in Schwartz/Suites. I am excited to start on this adventure and I am excited for the friendships I will gain, and I am really excited to be a tool God uses to possibly shape the lives of some impressionable beautiful girls who may be as terrified as I was when I stepped onto the UNCW campus.

So this adventure starts today, we’re having our overnight leadership retreat in Surf City, NC. Honestly, I am a little bit nervous because I don’t always believe that I can be used for God’s greater purpose but I know he’s got a beautiful plan for me and this is just the beginning.

So keep me, and my co-leader, Kate, in your prayers. As well as the girls who we will have the honor of leading, we have no idea who the girls are, or their walks of life but God knows and is preparing their hearts and ours for something great.