by shelbyisrad

I am back at school.

I am excited to be in Wilmington, but not really excited about my classes this semester. :/

However I am sooo excited for Cru. I told you guys in my last post about this new adventure I was starting as a bible study leader through the organization Campus Crusade for Christ. The retreat was a lot of fun, and we got a LOT of information out of it. I am still in awe that God would use ME, little ol’ ME to maybe help some freshmen girls grow in their faith, and stay focused on Christ, when I feel like most of the time I am so far from focused. But I know He’s got some big plans for me so I am excited to see whats coming.

I got to meet some of my possible bible study girls today! 4 very sweet , wonderful girls, we sat in the hot sun and talked for quite a while, about everything from school, to how chicken’s eggs get fertilized (yeah we talked about chicken sex) It was a fun and funny time and I am excited to see them, and maybe meet others at Cru.’s weekly meeting on Thursday.

Please continue to pray for me, and my co-leader (I haven’t heard from her and its scaring me! I can’t do this by myself! eek!) and pray for the girls I got to meet, and the girls I still will meet! Pray God has his hands in all of it!