by shelbyisrad

I have a few confessions for you.

1. I love stringed instruments .

Not talking about guitars, i mean orchestra music (bowed strings is what robbie told me). I think its the band geek in me, but you play some music with a violin or cello or an upright string bass (esp. bass mmm!!) I get so absorbed, even get goosebumps if its good (not kidding). You add a gorgeous piano man I am about ready to roll over and die.
Its also the only thing I can have playing if I’m gonna study.

Do yourself a favor go to create a new station and type in ‘The Vitamin String Quartet” and listen for hours. SO good.

2. I turn mean and anti-social when I study for a test.

I cannot stand any kind of noise when I am trying to study, and if there is noise I freak. Ask Robbie, he got to see it today! If its a person i pretty much want to rip their head off, the only music I can stand is the orchestra type stuff. Even my favorite music like NeedToBreathe irks me! Which is crazy. I also have to take off my watch cause I can hear the ticking. Today I yelled at my fish because he kept making poppy noises when making bubbles in his tank, he doesn’t know I was studying, he’s just pining for a wife.

3. I am the worst person to take on a long trip when you need someone to keep you awake.

It all started when I was in elementary school Thomas and I were coming up from Florida to visit my grandparents for part of the summer, and there was a really bad car accident and we were stuck in traffic for about 500 and one hours, when I started to not feel so good… I ended up getting car sick and puking all over myself. It was gross and smelled bad and that was the first time I ever recall getting car sick… and since then I get motion sick or car sick SUPER easy, so I trained myself to sleep on long car rides. If I get in a car and I’m in there longer than an hour even if its midday I will fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

I even get motion sick on a swing.

So if you’re ever say on a 22 hour car ride back from a long week in Minnesota and you’ve been driving for like 18 hours and its dark and rainy and need your co-pilot to stay awake… just hope that co-pilot is not me because I will try hard but I will let you down. (Just ask Aimee)

4. I can sleep anywhere, anytime.

As I just mentioned car rides=sleep. Also I am a MASTER nap taker, like SO good at it, I can do the marathon nap and sleep for 4 or 5 hours, I can do a short 30 minute power nap or I can be up in 15 minutes if I have to for class. I have slept in a bowling alley with loud music, drunk people around and the loud sounds of the ball slamming the pins. I almost fell asleep in the windowsill at an Indie-Rock concert last Friday.

5. I love disney channel.

I love disney, 99% of the more recent shows, like Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny With a Chance, Fish Hooks, LOVE them.  And pretty much all the older ones, Lizzy McGuire, Even Stephens, Kim Possible. (I may or may not still know the entire Kim Possible theme song)

I love all the Disney Original Movies too, Camp Rock, High School Musical, Star Struck, Zenon, Cadet Kelly, THE CHEETAH GIRLS, Halloween Town, Princess Protection Program.

I also enjoy playhouse disney in the mornings, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s hot dog dance always makes my day (goofy is my favorite) Handy Manny is a good one too!

6. I used to think I was gonna be famous one day.

I bet you won’t guess for what either… well possibly… I thought I was going to be famous for two things:

Singing…and dancing…

In middle school, Laura Sloope and I made up dance to every song from The Cheetah Girl’s soundtrack, Destiny Child’s Survivor CD, and Eifel 65’s Blue (da bo dee) We would sing them too and her mom once told us we were really good singers…  I so thought we were going to be famous for our dancing and singing.

7. I love tall chairs.

If you live in Wilmington and you’ve been to the fuzzy peach(best place EVER) you know those tall chairs by the windows. LOVE to sit there, I like high bar stools, and the chairs down in our iprint station of my apartment they’re so tall. and I LOVE IT.

Kinda makes me feel like I’m like a princess or something in my throne. SO good.

8. I talk too much.

Sometimes, I just cannot stop myself, I talk a lot. I ramble and I can go on and on about nothing at all. I also say things that most people would know not to. Things that make Wes Rose *facepalm* If I could have a dollar for every time I’ve said something ridiculous and Wes has given me a crazy look or hit his palm to his face in disbelief I’d be set for life I’m sure.

I actually got in trouble for the first time ever in kindergarten a got a straight face sent home, because I talked to much. I’m still ashamed of that day.

9. I love blankeys.

On my bed I have my sheets, my yellow blanket, then my comforter. Plus my ‘blankey’ and 5 other fleecey type throw blankets.

I sleep with all of them.

Plus 3 pillows.

And Charlie my purple unicorn pillow pet.

10. I miss band class the most about high school.

I miss the music, the people, the dorkiness of it all. I miss everyone understanding what I was talking about if I mentioned music.

I miss walking in time with people. I miss my bass clarinet.

and sometimes I even miss the ridiculous drama of it all. It was always so entertaining.

But us band kids we always stuck together, we didn’t like each other a lot but if an outsider messed with us, oh no you defended your fellow band geek!!

I miss being a band geek.

Got something on your chest? What do you wanna confess?