Monsoons & giraffe umbrellas

by shelbyisrad

So if you have read the news lately, or you live on the east coast you’ve seen or probably been drenched by the monsoons we just had.

It was kinda crazy, and of course UNCWack didn’t cancel classes, so we got to TRULY experience the rain.

Walking in knee deep water.

Nearly losing umbrellas because of the wind.

Being SOAKED to the bone, even with a rain coat and an umbrella.

And when you have a kids umbrella it doesn’t help much, even if it is really cute.

Speaking of this umbrella after using it a few times I noticed a few common reactions from people. It was quite the umbrella, imagine in the sea of boring black umbrellas all of a sudden you see this bright orange giraffe faces complete with ears bobbing down the side walk…. you’d probably have one of the three reactions I commonly received:

1. Smile

I’d say about 68% of the people who saw it would smile,

They would be walking head down, looking very glum, peak their head up and see a bright orange giraffe’s face grinning at them, complete with ears and in response this slow grin would appear and their whole face light up. It always made me smile in response.

2. Smile and talking to me about the cuteness/awesomeness of my umbrella.

Lots of girls actually stopped me to tell me how cute my umbrella was, one girl kinda chased me down a bit which was a little scary but thats okay. Another girl said she was gonna steal it and asked where I got it from. I held on to it extra tight after that.

My (male) Intro to Criminal Justice teacher got SUPER excited about it and had me open it up to show the whole class, he said he really wanted one.

and another guy winked at me and said “nice umbrella” it was really kinda creepy actually.

3. The glare

The glare I got later in the week, when it’d been raining for like 500 days already, it was mostly by males but a few girls gave me the look too. It was like I could feel their eyes saying “How dare you be so cute and cheerful on such a dreadful day. You should be put in a mental institution why are you smiling with your obnoxiously orange stupid giraffe faced umbrella? and it even has ears… freak. I hope you get blown away by the crazy winds or fall into a deep puddle”

Yepp. I got all that from a look.

I hope everyone survived monsoon season, I am still pining for the sun, I’ve seen some peaks of blue sky but its still SUPER cloudy.

I wanna be blinded by some sunshine already!!