Well this is a nice surprise….

by shelbyisrad

Disclaimer: Despite the title this post has nothing to do with surprises. But it will make Jayme laugh.

Though the confession I’m about to make may or may not be surprising:

I Hate This Weather.
There, I said it, I HATE it.

I mean don’t get me wrong, Fall is a BEAUTIFUL time of the year I love the colors and I love drinking hot cocoa and coffee and caramel apples make my heart skip a beat.

But I don’t like the chilliness. I really don’t like any weather below 78 degrees.

Because I get cold,

and I stay cold.

and I can wear 50 layers and still be freezing.

Also I don’t have cute fall clothes, and since I’m broke I won’t be getting any cute fall clothes so I go into the jeans and a hoodie routine that gets really old after months of it and I start to resent my jeans and hoodies cause they’re not cute.

In other news

I am home for two days for fall break…. and I actually miss the ‘quietness’ at school….

I was about to shoot a noisey rooster this morning.

and take out some hens too…

they are obnoxiously loud in the mornings.

and in other other news

I just ate a Pluot… which is a plum/apricot hybrid thing…

It tasted just like a plum.

(I tried to upload a picture but my internet is being lame so you can go google it).