Project Smile.

by shelbyisrad

So i found this great blog, written by a mom, Alicia. She does this blog hop link thing called Project Smile, they’ve been keeping a list all month of things that make them smile and posted at the end of September, I’m a few days late and I haven’t kept a list so this is all off the top of my head of things that made me Smile in September:

  • Living with three great girls at UNCW, my roommates are so great and I love the time I spend with them.
  • The sweet girls I’m leading in a bible study.
  • Spending my days with Robbie.
  • Lifepoint on sunday mornings, and lunch with good friends.
  • Farm fresh eggs.
  • Seeing the Campbells
  • Saturdays with Jayme
  • America’s Next Top Model
  • Giraffe Umbrella
  • My grandma
  • Seeing family
  • Making a B+ on my history paper
  • Lots of sunshine
  • My Intro to Criminal Justice teacher
  • Lucy the labradoodle
  • Sweet people
  • Discipleship with Charlotte C.
  • Chocolate
  • When grandpa kisses grandma goodnight
  • New music
  • Wes doing laundry at my place and sharing new music with me
  • Seeing the bright yellow truck pull up on the curb and robbie opening the door for me always
  • Bowling


okay I think because I have a wordpress I can’t do the blog hop link thing here, so if you want to link up to Project Smile you’ll have  to click on that  smiling bowl of oatmeal and do it there. 🙂