Letting Go.

by shelbyisrad

Sometimes I think God over-estimates what I can handle.

I know everyone says he won’t give your more than you can handle.

But I don’t think I can handle everything going on right now its TOO much.

Which I guess is the issue I keep trying to handle everything  and clinging to stuff that I don’t need to cling to.


So I’m trying to open my hands and let him take it; take the worries about my family, finances, school, life in general.

I get myself so worked up about everything that i feel like I’m going to explode, or more likely implode and just collapse in on myself.

I’m learning to release my worries to God which is a daily thing, and hard to get used to, seems that my whole life i’ve woken up with the weight of the world on my shoulders and picked up a few more worries every morning. I have to learn to wake up and let go, not take on.

Because when I think God is over-estimating me, I’m really under-estimating Him.

And I KNOW he is so much bigger than me and my issues and that He wants me to just let Him take it off my shoulders. So I’m letting go.

Or  at least learning to.