Abolishing Slavery

by shelbyisrad

Did you know there are 27 million people in modern-day slavery across the world today?

This modern day slavery is known as Human Trafficking the  ™harboring, transporting, supplying or obtaining a person for labor with use of force, fraud, or coercion for the use of involuntary servitude or slavery or sex trafficking a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion.

800,000 people are trafficked across boarders each year.

1 million children are exploited by the global commercial sex trade each year.

50% of human trafficking victims are children

80% of trafficking victims are women and girls

70% of girls are trafficked into the commercial sex industry.

161 countries are identified as having been affected by human trafficking

32 BILLION dollars is the total yearly profits generated by the human trafficking industry.

In the United States :

100,00 children are forcefully engaged into prostitution or pornography each year.

There are 244,000 children at risk of sexual exploitation.

and 14,000 sex slaves known in Atlanta, GA alone.

IN EUROPE: (taken from http://www.thea21campaign.org)

Trafficking in women is the second largest global organized crime today, generating approximately US$12 billion a year.

There are 1.39 million victims of commercial sexual servitude worldwide.

Over 25 percent of sex trafficked victims are trafficked from Southern and Eastern Europe.

90% of victims trafficked into EU member states end up in the sex industry.

There is an estimated 20,000 women and girls trafficked into the Greek sex industry, earning Greece the title: “the center of trafficking in Europe.”

One study reveals that one in every 10 Ukrainian persons knows someone in their community who has been trafficked.

Tragically, only 1-2 percent of victims are rescued, and only 1 in 100,000 Europeans involved in trafficking are convicted.

Human trafficking is growing faster than weapons or drugs.

Every 30 seconds another person falls victim to Human Trafficking.

Children as young as 4 are sold as sex slaves.

Girls are forced to serve as many as 40 men a day.

Human trafficking is that social injustice that absolutely TEARS my heart to shreds. Last year during my freshmen year of college I did 2 papers, and a speech on human trafficking after hearing about it during Passion 2010’s Do something now. Hearing the statistics and stories broke my heart to pieces and I have never been the same.

There are many organizations that are helping to abolish this modern slavery here are links to a few i support and raise awareness for:





Lifepoint church is now  partnering with A21 Campaign, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to hear about this! My church is helping to put an end to slavery! Its been on my heart lately that I personally want to do something to help put an end to this global slave trade, so I’m starting with this blog post, and I’m not sure what is next but I will continue to raise awareness and donate to different organizations when I can afford it.
and Tomorrow I am wearing my key2free necklace from A21 campaign to help raise awareness!
Also want to share these two videos with you from The A21 Campaign

P.S.The first sets of statistics i cannot find the exact sources (just took them from the powerpoint i used for my speech) but I am looking for them.