by shelbyisrad

I am overwhelmed, with thankfulness.

I am thankful for my uncles who, have given up so much of their time to care for Grandma. They built her another chicken coop last weekend and are just so loving and continue to give up their time and lives to care for her. I know she’s their mother so they’re kind of obligated to do it, but still It is so wonderful to see.

I am thankful for her dear sweet friends, who have made lots of food for our family, and its always SO delicious. They have encouraged her and been so kind to her. She does have such a fantastic group of friends I really hope I can know such a beautiful and kind group of women when I am older. Especially Donna who has also been helping grandma clean out the house, and making the house prettier with her sweet touches.

I am thankful for her skilled doctors, who did a wonderful job on her surgery and have provided her the right medications to help her heal and feel better.

I am thankful for the countless people who are sending up prayers for her. I know God is hearing her name over and over again and I am thankful he is answering the prayers of the righteous as he promises to do.

I am thankful for my friends who continue to care for me. Who encourage me when I am feeling weak and who help keep me going.

I am thankful for Grandma Dear, that she is strong, that she is fighting this battle with cancer. I am thankful she is humble enough to accept help from her friends and family. That she is faithful and kind and always a beautiful example of what a wonderful woman is.

I am thankful that I serve a loving, healing, strengthening, sanctifying God who loves me and my family. Who has provided my grandma with wonderful sons, friends, and doctors. Who has renewed me and continues to heal my grandma. Who has provided me with the most wonderful, kind, and dearest grandmother anyone could ask for.