by shelbyisrad

So my weekend started thursday with an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING NeedToBreathe Concert.

They are so magnificent and never cease to amaze me every show we go to is even better than the last… and Yes I have been listening to them non-stop since thursday night.

Friday was mostly driving then watching The Vampire Diaries with Sarah before coming back to wilm, watching the first episode over again with Jayme then a trip to Fuzzy Peach with Jayme, and Blockade Runners. (My boyfriend & good friends awesome band) Then watching the rest of the first disc of The Vampire Diaries with Jayme and Wes while they used my washer and dryer. (Robbie watched like 1/2 and episode before going home)

So now its saturday…. i’m waiting for jayme to get done showering before starting The Vampire Diaries again, we’re going to eat at Wag with Jessix soon, then going to Blockade Runner’s first show!! And then finding Jayme a Halloween costume for The Cru. Halloween Dance Party tonight in which I will be going as a brunette Alice In Wonderland. It’s gonna be fun… and I’m really hoping for lots of candy.

Tomorrow we’ll be going to church and then i have no idea.

I am hoping to find a small child to take trick or treating though.

Anyone have one I can borrow?