I love love.

by shelbyisrad

I love sitting in our window seat on rainy days watching umbrellas bob by.

I love reading for hours on end with nothing else on my mind but the story i am getting lost in.

I love puppies, kittens, calfs, foals… baby animals in general.

and I love babies too.

I love my blankey and sleeping in late.

I love cozy pajamas.

I love dancing, singing, smiling, talking and laughing.

I love coffee, hot chocolate with marshmallows, warm apple cider,  and sprite.

I love fall colors, christmas lights, pumpkins, candy canes, easter baskets, and beach balls.

I love pictures, photography and  art.

I love doodling.

I love hugs, especially group hugs, and holding hands (not just with the boyfriend i like holding hands with anyone really. except creepy people of course)

I love NeedToBreathe, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, The Rocket Summer and countless other musicians.

I love Blockade Runner and seeing my favorite people make music.

I love tattoos.

I love reading blogs.

I love a good movie (like the wizard of oz, finding nemo, shrek, taken, coyote ugly, alice in wonderland, despicable me)

I love Grey’s Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, ANTM.

I love candy and caramel apples and anything with sprinkles.

I love warm socks, and socks that don’t match.

I love boots and scarves (even though i only two scarves and two pairs of boots)

I love A21Campaign and FreeChains.

I love lifepoint church.

I love Cru.

I love the church as a whole; all the people around the world who are making Jesus’ name known.

I love the people who still need Jesus, though thats really hard sometimes.

I love my family, both blood related and non.  (this to me encompasses my friendships too)

I love faith, hope, prayer, grace.

I love my savior who loves me.

I just love love.