Give me summer back.

by shelbyisrad

Okay i’m gonna go ahead and say it.

I hate winter.

and I hate fall when it gets below 70.

Its pretty and i love hot cocoa and peppermint mocha and christmas music.

But I do NOT like the cold one bit.

Once it hits the 60s and 50s my hands and feet are always cold  (so if we’re praying in a circle you don’t really wanna hold my hands or you will freeze)

No matter how many layers i put on i stay cold.

Even with leggings under my jeans, a tank-top, long-sleeve shirt, two hoodies(yeah i usually wear two) and my winter coat. I will be shivering. And yeah it probably has something to do with the fact that I’m so skinny but I cannot help that, I eat. trust me, I LOVE  food.

So until its 80 degrees.

I’m just gonna going to hibernate.

See you in the spring. 😉