Finding Joy and Contentment

by shelbyisrad

I am overjoyed at the news that one of my favorite couples in the entire world now have guardianship of the twin girls they’re adopting from Uganda. Jenny and Wyatt are some the most amazing, kind, sweet, funny, godly people I have ever met. I have been praying for them all since hearing they wanted to adopt and have been so excited when they went to Uganda to meet their girls and now have legal guardianship and will hopefully be coming home soon! I cannot wait to meet their beautiful girls Harriet and Honia. You can read their adoption blog here.

I am struggling to find contentment where I am right now. School is not what i had expected or hoped it would be, I don’t think I am having the best years of my life like many say college is. Its hard and I am not feeling passionate about anything. I have entertained the thought of quitting and taking care of my grandparents until i got married. But I know God has me here for a reason, that he has a plan and that his plan is ALWAYS good.

So I am praying for contentment, rest, and most of all I am praying for Joy.

And for Wyatt and Jenny to get those angels home. ❤