The things of dreams.

by shelbyisrad

One day I want to live in a yellow house with blue shutters

I want to have a red barn with a white horse that rides magnificently

I want  a pair of ruby slippers like dorothy had

I want to have a pic-nic and run around like a little girl again in a field of poppies

I want to wear cowboy boots under my wedding dress

I want a yellow beach cruiser with a basket on the front

I want to visit a castle in Ireland

I want to grow sunflowers

I want to see my friend’s wishes come true

I want to create change

I want to show people my Jesus’ love

I want to be as fearless as I used to be.

I want to love as much as I used to

I want to have the childlike faith I used to

I want to return to this heart:

When my dreams were as big as the horses I rode,

When my heart was so full of love,

When my innocence was true,

When my faith knew no bounds,

Fear meant nothing

and all that mattered was the smiles I could create in the people I loved.

I want to inspire people.

I want my life, my dreams, my actions to inspire people to love more, laugh always and have faith that can move mountains.