by shelbyisrad

Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself I could scream.

I have always been called ‘sweet’ and ‘kind’ by many, and those are things i strive to be. I think kindness will get you very far in life and I try my best to always be conscious of others feelings. I have been really intentional about it lately too, I’d felt convicted a bit ago about the way I sometimes spoke to people.

I am SOOO good at being kind to adults, and strangers. But sometimes I am so snarky and short with the people I am closest too. and I don’t usually realize it in the moment, but like 5 minutes later, or if the person leaves its like SMACK in the face SHELBY THAT WAS MEAN. And unnecesaary and sometimes I have the best intentions with what I am about to say and it comes out so wrong and I feel so bad. And it always feels like ‘sorry’ just doesn’t cut it, sorry is just a word and I don’t think it always gets the point across.

But I am so very sorry to those who I can be short with, it breaks my heart when I realize I put others down, and like I said it really frustrates me!

I am praying though, for continual intentionality (those two words combined make me feel smart) with my words; I want to be kinder and gentler especially to my loved ones. And I just know since I’m sending this out to the world that Satan is going to attack me left and right so I am arming myself with prayer and faith! I will through my strength and power in Christ be kinder and gentler to all those around me.