by shelbyisrad

Random, but exciting (to me) things going on:

  • I am knitting! and almost half way done with my first scarf! I am so excited about this, and have been having SOOO much fun!
  • I just found an AMAZING site to keep track of all my books! http://www.goodreads.com/
  • I also joined a great site to keep track of all the blogs I read, I did have a drop-drown menu on my bookmarks bar but it was getting difficult with the number of blogs I had, and I would check sites that never really updated over and over for no reason
  • I am home for thanksgiving break! and all my family is coming today!
  • I am reading the new Nicholas Sparks book, Safe Haven and loving it… and when I finish it will start reading Pride and Prejudice…. can you believe I’ve NEVER read Jane Austen?
  • I am having a blast serving with Lifepoint Church on the ‘Swagga team’ 🙂 I love being able to serve and especially doing something I love! and I LOVE my team leader Jill, she is so sweet and makes it a lot of FUN!
  • I am excited for Lifepoint Dream teams upcoming banquet, its the first event put on my calendar for the Holiday season! Cannot wait to bust out my red dress 🙂
  • My nails are painted silver, I love silver and anything sparkly
  • I am in love with the blog The Lovely Guide
  • My grandma has a new nifty coffee maker, and  have french vanilla creamer!
  • I also think I’m going black friday shopping AH!
  • I’ve started TWO new journals, one just my typical journal, and the other is full of lyrics and quotes

What is your favorite quote/song lyric?

Also I am collecting some feathers from our yard, and want to do something with them but idk what, ideas?