30 Day letter challenge

by shelbyisrad


I am starting the 30 day letter challenge from Kellie @ Magic In The Backyard. So the next 30 days I’ll be writing a letter to a different person. (Though because of my business i may not get it done in 30 days). I am going to do my best though!

Letter 1 Your Best Friend

This took me a while to pick my ‘best friend’ Because i have so many great friends, so I picked 4 people and will write shorter letters

Best Friend 1:

Dear Aimee,

Thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin. Through arguments, pain, and the happy things too. I know I broke your heart in the past and I am so grateful you have chosen to show me grace and continue being my friend. Thank you for years of laughter and smiles and picking me up when I hurt. For understanding my crazy self and my crazy family and for helping me survive middle and high school. You deserve every hope, dream, and desire you have and I know God has an incredible plan for you.

❤ Shelby

Dear Chelsea,

You’re more than a ‘best friend’ you are my soul sister. From day one our friendship has been so much more than any ordinary friendship. You can look at me and know my thoughts and feelings without me saying a word. You are that one person who i can tell every single thing I’ve ever done, thought, or said too;  And you do not judge, only love me through it all. Even when we’re hundreds of miles apart there is a thread that connects us, that keeps us strong and our friendship so deep, that we can come together and pick up right where we left off as if nothing has changed. I thank God every day for putting you in my life, you were the sister I never got to grow up with and you are my soul mate.

❤ Shelby

Dear Jayme,

You are the closest friend I have right now. Our weekends are a blast and I hate when you leave me in the week. Thank you for keeping me sane through my first semester of sophomore year. For causing me uncontrollable laughter, for being there when my world crumbled around me and for helping me pick it all back up and put back the pieces. Thank you for your laughter, encouragement and friendship. and Thank god for stupid boys who break or hearts that create amazing friendships that will last forever. Remember that God’s plan for you is perfect, it will work out always and nothing you can do will mess it up.

❤ Shelby

Dear Wes,

Thank you ‘special friend’ for being here for me the past year. For making me laugh when I didn’t want to. For reminding me that God is always there. Thank you for putting up with my silly ways, for laughing at me and for making my day. Thank you for letting my story inspire a beautiful song. Thank you for being a true friend to both myself and Robbie and for introducing us to an incredible church we are blessed to call home.

❤ Shelby