Project Smile

by shelbyisrad



I only just now realized it was the 30th! The last day of November.

I am so not okay with how fast this year is going by. I wish it’d all slow down

So the things that made me smile this month:

1. NeedToBreathe concert (another one!) they amaze me every time and I got to meet The Daylights (the band opening for them this tour) The guys in The Daylights were so kind and humble and cute! and they signed a Walmart receipt I had in my purse from March. I’d advice you to go download their CD, and their new christmas single right now!

2. Thanksgiving break, being with family and lots and lots of yummy food.

3. Playing Apples to Apples with a group of my favorites

4. Black Friday shopping and getting great deals and not being overrun by people

5. Spending lots of time with Jayme

6. Volunteering at Lifepoint, loving being on The ‘Swagga’ Team 😀 and my sweet beautiful leader Jill.

7. Good Books

8. Seeing my adopted Campbell family. Best weekend I’d had in so long. I miss this SOOOOO much it hurts!

9.  New friends

10. Coffee coffee coffee coffee!

11. The end of the semester coming up

12. Lots of sleep

13. Starting to knit again.

14. Sparkly Shoes

15.  Christmas season is here! I love love love Christmas lights and hot co-co and christmas music