Pray with me please!

by shelbyisrad

I know this amazing couple, Jenny and Wyatt Klein they are two of the most loving, kind, generous, godly people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Their love for each other, God, and everyone they encounter is so astounding. (And Jenny gives the best head rubs ohman!)

Well since I’ve known them the Kleins have been wanting to adopt, and they are currently in Uganda in the process of adopting two beautiful little girls;  Honia and Harriet.  They have been there since October and they’re SO CLOSE to coming home with these beautiful girls too. They’ve been granted guardianship, have their passports and are just waiting to get their Visas from the Embassy and come home, they currently have their flight set for December 8th and are really hoping God works it out.

Their Specific prayer requests are:

“1. That Freda from the Embassy contacts us on this Thursday 12/2 or Friday, 12/3 to tell us we are scheduled for an interview on Monday 12/6.

2. That we have our interview on Monday,12/6…that God goes before us and satisfies all the questions and requests of the Embassy and that he gives us unbelievable favor.

3. That we don’t have to change our flights on Monday, 12/6. That is the deadline by which we have to notify our travel agency if we have to push our flight back. If we have to push it back they are going to charge us a $600 penalty. We are almost out of money, so it would be good not to be charged the penalty and not to have to pay for an extended stay past 12/8.

4. That on Tuesday, 12/7 we pick up the girls visas from the Embassy and that Hannington takes us to the airport around 11:30 pm.

5. Our current flight booked for Wednesday 12/8 is scheduled to leave just before 2:00 am….pray that we would have safe journeys home and that the girls would fly well.

We mostly want God’s will…we hope this is His desire. We know it is His battle to fight and the victory will belong to Him no matter what.”

I am praying that God has them on that plane Wednesday morning coming home to us. That his hand is over it that it runs smoothly and goes quickly and that everything works out. I ask you to pray with all your might with me, we all want them home with their beautiful babies ASAP. And we want to stay encouraged if God does not bring them home on the 8th we know it is his will and that he will provide!

So I am asking you to pray with me! Pray for God’s will. And tell everyone you know to pray for this beautiful family!

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You can check out the Klein’s adoption blog here.


They heard from Freda from the Embassy and scheduled their interview for Monday!!

PLEASE PLEASE keep praying!! We cannot wait to get them home!

Also Jenny, Wyatt and the girls are all sick and could use some more prayer for that! (They have medicine so they’re on the way to getting better)