Letter # 3 Your Parents

by shelbyisrad

This is a tricky one for me, because besides bringing me into the world my parents have not played a huge role in my life.

I’ve never met my dad, and my mom is MIA most of the time.

So I’m going to write 3 shorter letters to my grandparents, and two ‘adopted’ set of parents I claim.

Dear Grandma and Grandpa

I can say without a doubt if it weren’t for you two taking me in I would not have had the success I have today. You gave up your lives to take care of two wayward kids and I am so incredibly blessed you did. Thank you for sacrificing time, money, and your lives to love me and care for me better than most parents do. I love you immensely and am eternally grateful for all you both have done.

Love, Shelby

Dear Matt and Charlotte,

Matt, you were the first man I ever called ‘Dad’. And to me that means so much, that you and Charlotte would open your family and home to me and love me as your own. You were the ones who taught me what it TRULY meant to be in a relationship with Jesus, and just how much God loved me and wanted to save me. You gave me a place to call home and a place to find safety and comfort, you allowed me in your lives and into your family and you all changed me for the better. THANK YOU for allowing me into your lives for the past 5 and a half years and for loving me SO much.



Dear Rob and Paula,

I’m still amazed that in a year I could feel so completely loved by such beautiful people. In a matter of months of knowing y’all I was a member of the family, I am so thankful that my heart was broken in your driveway and that you were the ones who held me when I was hurting. Y’all helped me survive my freshmen year of college, taught me how to grow in my faith and most of all let me in your family. I am still so honored I was able to invest so much time into Reagan and Avery, that you let me watch them and care for them and that you all four cared for me so well. I miss you guys so much every day and cannot wait to be together again.



I just cried writing these letters, and there are many other families who let me into their lives and cared for me.

I am SO incredibly blessed that I didn’t have real parents because I have so many people who love me and care for me and God has shown me that family is SO much more than the blood relations. That love and family know no bounds.