True Story

by shelbyisrad

  • I punched a boy in the nose when I was in pre-school, he always called me a B*tch and my teachers were tired of me always crying and told me to just punch him. So I did.
  • My brother used to hold his arm out and clothes-line me when I was learning how to walk.
  • The voice in my head has a southern accent sometimes.
  • My feet and hands are always freezing once winter hits.
  • I can fall asleep anytime anywhere.
  • I have never successfully pulled an all-nighter (I’d rather fail a test and sleep)
  • I have not had a hair cut since the summer of 2008
  • My phone is pink, and square (i hate pink) But It has survived me dropping it daily, and being washed over by the tide at the beach so I’m happy with it.
  • Most winter days I have on leggings or tights under my jeans
  • I  will go days only listening to NeedToBreathe and not even want to listen to anything else.
  • The Wizard of Oz, Finding Nemo, Despicable me, Up, Taken, and Gone in 60 seconds are my favorite movies EVER.
  • I re-read my books over and over and over and still won’t remember what all happened in them.
  • I am really good at procrastination (this post may or may not be the result of said procrastination.
  • I used to not like sweets a whole lot, when we were younger my grandma took Thomas and I to Shoney’s to get Ice cream… I got a bowl of raw broccoli and apple juice (I’m a freak I know)
  • I typically have 5 blankets and 3 pillows on my bed.
  • I did not shave my legs during the month of november.
  • I am really good at sharing TMI (too much information)