by shelbyisrad

I survived my fall semester of sophomore year.

It was a semester of coffee, laughter, and tears, stress, newness and lots of Jesus.

It was a good one overall though very trying at times.

In other news,

I got a beautiful necklace from my roomies for christmas 🙂 its so me.









Is it not precious!? Its got coffee in it and everything 🙂 (not the greatest picture, it was taken with my cell phone)

I am home, and looking forward to the next month of freedom.

My dog is currently at my feet making funny grumbly noises.

I’m watching tv with the g-rents and will probably going to bed really early because exam week WORE me out!

Hopefully I will be seeing my campbell family this weekend!

Also, the volunteer Christmas banquet for Lifepoint is on Sunday!

I need to decide on a dress (its down to two) and I need to pick shoes too.

AND what I’m going to do with my hair.

Lots of decisions to make!