Letter # 14 Someone you have drifted away from: Southport Friends

by shelbyisrad

To the crowd of beautiful people I spent every single weekend with my freshmen year of college ( and most of the year before too)

Remember when our weekends were all about each other and what we’re going to do and what movie we were going to watch and if we were actually finally going to eat somewhere besides San Felipe after church on Sunday?

Man I do, and I think about those weekends often. They are so full of amazing memories but my stomach hurts when I think about them too much. Because that deepset longing for the way things were comes back and I miss you all so much my heart ACHES.

I hope you are all happy doing whatever it is you’re doing these days.

I miss you.

And would like to remind you I am home for Christmas.

Doing a whole lot of nothing every day.

And I’d love to hug your necks soon.