by shelbyisrad

Can I just be honest with you right now…




Tomorrow Grandma is going to Chapel Hill to interview with the doctors about the possibility of a stem cell transplant for her cancer. And I am so nervous, we so want her to be able to do this stem cell transplant, it would extend her prognosis for living SO much. Though I know that God is the one who determines how long she lives and even without it He can give her life far beyond this transplant could. This would be a wonderful blessing if it is God’s will. Though the whole process is very scary (lots of intense chemo) it would radically change the outlook for us all.

She is already making some miraculous healing too, in her blood work and such. So I know God is at work on our behalf as always.


So just pray for my beautiful Grandma. That she is confident and is not a bit worried or nervous, that God’s plan is done and his choice for her is made. Pray that he is with the doctors and gives them guidance and knowlege. and Pray as I give my worries over to God, that I will relenquish any notion of control I think I have and just let him take care of me. (I sooo needed that Lifepoint message today!)