by shelbyisrad

This time of year everyone gets really big on family time. Family to me was always a hard concept, you’re typically taught family is a mom dad and children. But from early on I never had that, never had a dad, my mom wasn’t around usually, family was such a confusing concept to me. Until God began to show me that family is soo SO much more than the people who birth you into the world.

Its also the Grandparents who give up their lives to take care of you.

Its the Uncles who make you laugh non stop.

Its the blonde haired friend who survived middle AND high school with you and you’re not sure how you would’ve made it through without them.

Its the first Man who told you he loved you and then lead your to Christ, his wife and their beautiful children making you their own family too.

Its the church who loves you and lifts you up and lets you tell their story.

Its the countless families inside that Church that were the first in a church to ever make you feel at home.

Its the ‘wifey’ and her parents who give you a home during the weekends during your senior year of high school.

Its the band kids who you would kill over.

Its the group of friends you leave college for every weekend your freshmen year because you couldn’t survive the week without seeing them.

Its the family who adopt you in, drive you to and from college, love you unconditionally and are there when the world seems to crumble. And the little 3 year old who wakes you up every single friday at 7 no matter how many times she’s told to let you sleep in.

Its the ones who still call you sister even after the relationship with the boy ends.

Its the one who is like a foot shorter than you with a personality 10 times their size.

Its the sweet boy and his crazy all musical family who crack you up, make delicious dinners, and always always welcome you over.

Its the girl from Michigan who helps you get through your sophomore year of college.

Its the roommates who brighten every day.

Its the new church you join who make you feel at home.

Its the hip swagga team leader who asks your opinions and makes you feel important.

Its the sweet moms in your lifegroup who always check on you.

Its the moody guitar playing best guy friend who you like to tease.

Its the new friends who take you to coffee, or take you to church, that are just incredibly sweet.

Its the group of freshmen girls you’re given the privilege to lead with a hilarious co-leader.

Its any person who allows you into your life, and comes into yours and touches your soul and changes your world forever.