Letter #20 The one that broke your heart the hardest

by shelbyisrad


The past is past, I have forgiven what has happened and moved on. All I can think to say now is that I am so sad for you. I see that your life is really hard right now, and all you really need is someone to be there and care for you and it seems your family is not even doing that much. I pray that life gets better, that you hold fast to your faith in Christ and that he delivers you from this messy point in life. I pray that you realize God is SO MUCH bigger than the things going on now, that you remember he is in control and everything he does is for good in the end. And you may never see the good from it but I am sure you will one day use it to help change lives. I pray that God is mending your heart, that you are finding remarkable Joy in the midst of all this suffering and that you find yourself cradled in the arms of God.