Letter # 21 Someone you judged by their first impression: Hope

by shelbyisrad

Its taken me all day to figure out someone who I judged by their first impression and still remember it and It just hit me!

Dear Hope,

I met you one thursday night at Fuzed, I needed a ride and you asked (very loudly and excitedly) where I lived, and when I told you, you (also loud and excited) shouted Thats near me! I’ll take you come on lets go! and we were walking out the door you leading the way, I realized that you were teeny and bouncy and your car was pretty awesome. But man you were SOOO hyper and talkative and you kept making really weird sounds and we talked and talked, I remember thinking “she’s crazy” but as I got out of the car I realized we had some really good, really long conversations for barely knowing each other.

And I am so glad I took that ride, I began riding with you every week, and since then you have become one of my dearest and truest friends. We have had some incredible times together and I learned to be as silly and goofy as your are. (I mean I called you booger butt this morning, you soo rubbed off on me) I consider it an honor and a blessing to count you among the people I care for. I love you with all that I am hopey!

Love always,