Handmade Christmas Presents

by shelbyisrad

I have always loved loved loved receiving homemade christmas presents! So I decided to make most of the presents I gave this year. I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch for a few friends (and my family devoured them as well) I also made cinnamon honey butter which ROCKED. But the gift I was most proud of making were these two journals. I bought two composition notebooks and made them pretty/personalize them for two AMAZING ladies I know 🙂

This is journal #1 made for my sweet Jayme. She loves two things a whole lot: Owls and vintage Air stream trailers so I KNEW I had to incorporate both of those.

Up close of the airstream picture. I found it on google then added ‘Jayme’s Adventures’ on it using Picnik.

I made that bow myself… injured myself with the glue gun in the process but hey its pretty.

Back of the journal, just a pretty print and another owl. 🙂

Up close of the owl isn’t it cute!!!

And Journal # 2 was made for the lovely Sarah she is a musician/writer/artist, so I knew she’d love a journal (she always has some kind of spiral notebook or something to write in with her) I wanted to make a pretty and personal one for her. It was much more simple than jayme’s since I figured she’d carry it around with her a lot.

Close up of the ribbon and bow details. Another shelby-made bow 😀

I forgot to take a picture of Sarah’s name that I had added after I took these, It was just her name in cursive down in the bottom right corner, But here is the back of Sarah’s I am just in love with this print!

Two pretty presents!

Two pretty presents all wrapped up! I was mega proud of those bows!!

I forgot to get pictures of Sarah and Jayme opening their presents… maybe I can sweet talk them into taking pictures of themselves with them! We shall see 🙂

p.s. if you really wanna know how I made them just let me know It was mega simple.