Letter #24 The person that gave you your favorite memory(ies)

by shelbyisrad

One of my goals in the new year is to FINISH this challenge! Just a few days left so it’ll feel good to cross something off my list so early into the year 🙂 And I could not think of just one single memory that is my favorite and so I narrowed it down to top 4 people who have given me many amazing memories in no particular order:


I have known you longer than most of the people in my life right now, we have a million memories together from the first time we did anything, (Lilo and Stitch) to the summers spent climbing trees in your ditch, exploring in the woods, and jumping on your trampoline, riding bikes, and long walks, countless nights spent up way too late giggling about everything and nothing. The many many walks up and down our road to and from school getting lost on mountain roads in West Virginia (btw I STILL hate West Virginia)  and a thousand other adventures together. Thank you for making my middle and high school years beautiful with your sweet smile and laughter. I will always treasure those times and I know I wouldn’t have survived high school without you, thank you for being my rock to lean on.





Holy cow, I cannot begin to imagine how much the past year would’ve sucked if you were not in it. I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful for a boy being a heart breaker because thats what ultimately brought us together. The past year of knowing you was incredible, you brought so much laughter and love to my life. My weekends would’ve been sooo lame without you. I am so proud of you for starting this new adventure in your life even though you’re a million miles away but I know you’re going to do AMAZING! And I cannot wait until we are together again.




This seems like a given, the past almost 9 months with you have been wonderful. Even when life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs (and lots and lots of downs) I am so thankful that you were the one by my side. I will never forget the first time I thought to myself “Okay… maybe I do like him” and the day when you finally asked me to be your girlfriend (in a bowling alley parking lot). The many nights sitting in your car just talking in the parking lot. Our night time ventures to the beach, all the movie nights and trips to chick-fil-a. Thank you for making me smile and feel loved.

Yours always,

The Campbells,

Oh how can I put into words the incredible times I have spent with you guys! Rob always cracking me up and always looking out for me. Talking endlessly with Paula on car rides to and from Wilmington. All the times up late talking about the craziness of our lives. The long summer days and times at the beach. All the evenings and days I got to spend with Reaggy and Ave were crazy but magnificent and amazing and I miss you all with every fiber of my being. I cannot wait to be with you again.


your 3rd daughter 🙂