Sleepy/one word/letters blog

by shelbyisrad

I am very sleepy but still awake for some strange reason. My sleeping habits have gotten weird lately and I need to get them back to normal since this is my last week of Christmas vacation. I am excited to be back in Wilmington but not too excited about classes again, I like college without all the hard work. haha.


In other news I decided my ‘one word’ for 2011 is going to be:

Delight. v. ‘to take great pleasure in’

I am in love with this word and I am hoping in the new year to delight in all the things I do.

I want to find pleasure in the mundane tasks of waking up and getting dressed and walking/ riding my bike to class.

I want to take great pleasure in my prayer time and bible time.

I want to learn yoga or some other type of exercise and take great pleasure in those things too.

I want to delight in the things that I encounter every day and live 2011 to the fullest.


I’ve also decided to start writing letters to people, mostly Robbie (yes cheesy sappy love letters will be written) and Jayme too now that she’s a million miles away. I also am GOING to finish out the 30 day letter challenge though now its been way more than 30 days. But this is my blog so I make the rules and I will delay the letter challenge as long as I want.