Bucket List

by shelbyisrad

I wanted to start writing a Bucket List, and i’ve been mentally adding things but forgetting them a lot too.
So this will be updated when I think of and remember things.
  • Meet all the members of NeedToBreathe, get their signatures and a hug.
  • Go to Ireland
  • Go dancing all night
  • Learn to swim
  • Read the entire bible
  • Graduate College
  • Have a family
  • Buy my own car
  • Visit the bahamas
  • Reunite with my younger siblings
  • Leave a huge tip for an unsuspecting waitress
  • Work in ministry
  • Visit places where God is doing amazing work (Uganda, Haiti, etc.)
  • Help stop Human Trafficking
  • Buy a pair of Toms
  • Grow my own garden
  • Go to Disney World