Letter #26 The last person you made a pinky promise too

by shelbyisrad

Sweet sweet Reagan,

I know right now you cannot even read these words, and I’m not sure if you even knew what a pinky promise was when I pink promised you I’d stay on the couch while you ran off to find something at Nancy’s the other weekend. But I am glad I made that pinky promise because i get to write you a letter on my blog.

My dear Reagan you are an INCREDIBLE creation of God, you have so much spunk and personality at just four years old. You are amazing, and so so SOOO smart. I feel so honored to be a part of your life, I am so thankful your sweet mommy and daddy allowed me to take care of you and love on you and just be around you.

When you are older and read this I want to remind you that you can do ANYTHING you dream of, that you will make mistakes, and a lot of them, but remember to get back up brush it off, learn something from it and go on. Go on being the beautiful amazing angel that you are. I can tell from your fire and spunk now you’re going to be the one who goes against the norm, you’re going to tear through obstacles and you’re probably going to break a lot of rules. But as long as you keep loving God with all your heart baby girl you are gonna SOAR. And I hope I’m always here to watch you fly.

I adore you and love you so much, it amazes me that I have the privilege of loving you and your sister and I pinky promise to always be here, to give you advice, to kick boys butts that hurt you. I promise to listen to all your secrets, to encourage all your dreams and to comfort all your tears. I pinky promise to always always love you with all my heart.


your ‘sister’ Shelby ❤