Letter #27 The friendliest person you knew for only one day

by shelbyisrad

So I couldn’t think of a friendly person I knew for only one day, and since this is my blog I make up the rules this is gonna be to “the friendliest members of a band I met for about 15 minutes”

To The Daylights,

You probably don’t remember me since you’ve probably met a ton of people by now (and I doubt you’ll actually ever see this) but I just wanted to say a few things  Your music is AMAZING, I was so pleasantly surprised by how freaking amazing you guys were the first time I saw you open for NeedToBreathe in Charlotte NC in September, being an avid NTB fan I don’t always look forward to their opening bands thinking they won’t be as good, but you guys were by far AMAZING and I loved your energy and I immediately got your CD and love dancing to your music.

The second time I got to see y’all was when you opened for NTB again in Myrtle Beach, SC AND I got to meet you guys and hug your necks and get an autograph, (on an old walmart receipt from march of 2010) I was again so surprised, you all were SOO friendly and sweet and humble. and You gave great hugs too! I was absolutely giddy after all the hugs from you three and I cannot wait to see you again… hopefully I’ll see you headlining sometime until then I’ll just jam to your music on my itunes.