The good and The bad

by shelbyisrad

I’m leaving home going back to school at the end of the week, I was really excited a few days ago now I’m just worried. I felt like making two list, the good about going back and the bad.

The good:

Being back in Wilmington

My wonderful Roommates

Closer to Lifepoint (easier to get a ride)

Being back with Crusade and my bible study

More privacy (i have like zero at home)

Having something to do again

Being around people my age

Getting out of Brunswick County

Chick-Fil-A’s out the wazoo

Fuzzy Peach

The Bad:

I’m broke…. have to feed myself and take care of myself

Being away from my Grandparents, it was so hard going back last semester with my Grandma’s cancer now Grandpa has cancer too

Worrying about my graandparents


No yummy Grandma-cooked meals

No more reading time

Dealing with stupid financial aid

No money for Chick-Fil-A

No money for Fuzzy Peach

/sigh/ so much of the bad is over money…. or the lack thereof.

I hate money.


This is my first schedule post… I’m sleeping when this posts on its own. I feel really technical and cool right now.