Letter #28 Someone that changed your life

by shelbyisrad

Dear Matt aka “Bone -Daddy” (as its written in my bible)

Matt, I don’t think I could ever write enough words to express the ways in which you have changed my life. You were the first person to ever say you Loved me without even knowing me, and I believed you did love me because just on the first day of meeting you you were the kindest most genuine person I had ever met. YOU taught me that Jesus is love and thats what we all really need is love.

You were the first person who I ever fully trusted, you opened my eyes to see my own inner strength that I get from leaning on Christ, you taught me to love everyone even the people who suck. You are an incredible dad, and the first real ‘dad’ I ever had. You encourage me to go after my dreams and you love me despite my mistakes. Matt not only have you changed MY life but you have changed SO SO many lives (I have a story for you once you’re back from the cruise and read this just remember to ask me!). You are an incredible servant of God and he has and is using you to lead so many kids/teens to HIM. You shine Jesus like no other Matt and I am so blessed to have you as my youth pastor/mentor/dad and I will always always be your little girl! And thanks to your love I will always know the love of Jesus.

I want to encourage you and remind you that God is on your side, he is guiding your steps and you are an AWESOME youth minister. That you always have people that support and love you no matter where you are. That God’s plan is so so good and YOU are lucky enough to be the one who he is having carry it out. When things are hard you’re only getting a snapshot of the beautiful big picture that God is doing in this world. and YOU just simply ROCK no matter what anyone say you are AWESOME at everything you do.

Love your girl,




and thank you Josh for reminding me to blog today!!