Daniel Fast

by shelbyisrad

Been a little late in my posting today because I was enjoying the company of my roommates and playing in the snow!! But all day in the back of my mind I have been thinking about the Daniel Fast lifepoint is participating in, at first I used the excuse ‘I’m on a college budget I cannot afford these foods” and then realized that as part of being a believer is releasing my finances over to God and not worrying about them, I know he would be able to stretch my budget.

But other concerns have been dancing their way through my head like, How in the world am I going to find time to cook all these foods when I’m starting school back up again? Am I really going to be able to cook these foods anyway, I am in no way a cook. and many many more.

I AM going to participate though, I am just really struggling with having the confidence to DO IT. So prayers and encouragement are needed and loved