Random stream of thoughts

by shelbyisrad

1. sweater dress + tights = best winter outfit ever. so comy so cozy sooo good.

2. My days are so mixed up, i thought today was saturday for most of the morning, getting back into this school routine is going to take a while

3. I put too much water in my easy mac and it wasn’t good at all

4.  I really want some personalized stationary, like from here.

5. ANTM marathon on Bravo.. saweet.

6. I want a good fiction novel to read

7.  Enrique Iglesias is definitely my celebrity crush

8.  I miss Robbie and Sarah and their parents, I think i’m in love with his family too.

9. I’m excited for Valentines Day

10.  I use tumblr too much…

11. I lurve kittiessss

12.  I have a lot of reading to do for my classes next week

13. No one wants me to quit blogging… and I got a lot of comments when people thought I was… you guys should comment on my other posts too 😉

14. I wanna do Yoga

15. I need to paint my nails

16. I also need a new debit card my grandparent’s house ate mine.

17. This is probably boring everyone so I’m going to post a cute kitty picture and say bye.

just kidding about the cat picture, everything is in gibberish on safari, and i cannot figure out how to post a picture with firefox.