MLK and Birthday

by shelbyisrad

So 15 years ago today my sweet little sister was born. The thought that she is 15 is CRAZY and a little scary. The fact that I have not seen her since she was 5 is sad and makes me sad a little every day. Its kind of a long story as to why Its been 10 years since I have seen her, basically she and my little brother have a different dad then I do (as well as my older brother) and he was kinda a jerk and him and my mom did not get along and big brother and I ended up moving away from them in 2001, at first we weren’t even allowed to speak to them but after a few years we got in touch and have been keeping in touch through the phone and myspace (and now facebook) since then. Its still very painful to not see someone who you were once so close to, its so hard to be deprived of your own siblings and it hurts a lot.

But she is a smart girl and I know she is going to succeed in life, I also know there is a reason for us being apart and I will see her again some day. Until then I will cling to the fact that social media and texting let me be in touch with my best friend and  sweet baby sister.

And on this MLK Day I will spend it texting her, and cuddling with my boy, (though he is asleep now in my bed while I’m in the living room watching NCIS) and watching the rain fall. and maybe playing on cityville /hangs head in shame/ The boy has got me hooked on a facebook game. eep.

I hope you all enjoy this day. and if you think about it say a prayer for me and my little sister.