School daze

by shelbyisrad

Getting back into the swing of things with school is making me a little crazy.

a 45 minute wait in a line to pay over 400 freaking dollars for textbooks

and having over 100 pages of assigned reading due in the next two days

plus some online things to do, and its only the second day of all of my classes…

*insert heavy sigh here*

Not to mention my midol has not really kicked in so I feel like a mongoose is attacking my insides. (sorry for all males reading this but this aspect of being a girl SUCKS and I had to put it out there feel free to just pretend you never read that last sentence)

sadly my blogging has been pushed to the back burner because of my crazy school stuff but I will be posting everyday even if its just complaining about school.

In other news, i got to spend a lot of time the past few days with my boy, but now that he’s back home its like this void is in my life. Completely ridiculous but I got really used to having him around and being so sweet to me. Heck he even folded some of my laundry yesterday while I was attending bible study! I think he spoiled me a bit… and i liked it!! 🙂