by shelbyisrad

These are a few pictures I’ve taken lately from my cell phone, (being cell phone pictures they’re not very good quality)

It snowed a few days ago and that rarely happens in Wilm, snowmen popped up all over campus! This is one the roomies and I assisted in making

Thanks to gussy i learned to finger knit and made this necklace!

And I wore it out with this shirt/cardigan combo and got TONS of compiments

Robbie stayed over a few days and spent lots of time in my bed while I was in class. He liked cuddling with Bear and sleeping under my Cookie Monster blankey

He being the sweet heart he is folded my laundry

and left me a love sticky note

And this is my sea lion Joe, when I got out the shower yesterday morning this is how he was perched on my bed.

And this is my agenda today, fingers crossed I get it all done!