lovely sounds for your enjoyment

by shelbyisrad

so i got a hot shower and have been filling my ears full of beautiful music and I have felt so much better.

Its incredible how music can do that to you.

First of all I just discovered these guys, and I am in love, and as soon as i get my debit card i am so buying their album

And Jon Acuff over at SCL posted these two videos that i just love love love!


“You’re the color of the colored part in The Wizard of Oz movie” if you know me you KNOW that line made me swoon.

And sadly I missed it last night but my beautiful friends Gloria Spillers and Jordan Sasser played at The Blend last night, heres a few videos.

Glo even broke out some Gaga


and as always my boys from Blockade Runner

(the girl who inspired that song is pretty awesome from what i’ve heard)