by shelbyisrad

I completely forgot to blog yesterday.

It was a busy but wonderful day and I’m not going to let one day ruin my posting everyday streak 🙂

Yesterday was full of love and entertainment, I got to see a dear friend get married in a beautiful and love filled wedding (that began with a worship service. AMAZING!!) Since I am still cameraless I didn’t get to snap any pictures but I know many people who did and will hopefully be able to share some of my friends pictures soon.

Then I spent some time with the boy and his family (who I adore).

Then I had a new experience of going to Kelley’s Sports Bar…. I’ve been to one bar before this in my life and it was when the boy was playing with Gloria Spillers’ Band and it was just one of the bars down town. This was a totally different experience, it was red neck central and I wish I hadn’t been feeling sick cause I probably would’ve been able to enjoy it more. But when your sick drunk people knocking into your chair every two minutes and weirdos trying to  get you to dance is NOT fun. But the whole drunk red necks singing karaoke was very very funny. and I may go back sometime when I’m not sick, I’m wearing my cowboy boots and I’m in the mood to sing.