Look what I got in the mail today!

by shelbyisrad

I got this beauty in the mail today!

(please excuse my weird hair. idk what i was doing today)

Its the Nikon CoolPix L110 not quite  DSLR but a step up from a typical point and shoot.

I’m smitten 🙂

Heres pics taken on my walk back from class.

Probably one of my favorites I took today. I love that I captured my coat, patterned tights, and new boots!

I don’t ever actually walk down that path but its a pretty sight

There was no sun light today 😦 I am missing the sunshine

If the angles seem funky its cause I was holding it at my tummy and just clicking, playing with the angles

Thats my bike. 🙂

Pictures in our hallway always have that weird greenish tint to them

A note the boy wrote on my door before he left last night 🙂

Roommate’s guitar

I will be posting a lot more pictures in the blog now 🙂

Get ready!