Virtual Coffee

by shelbyisrad

I am going to start participating in Lucky Number 13’s virtual coffee

If we were meeting for coffee I would first bust out my new camera and snap a picture of you and squeal about how excited I am. I’d show you the pictures from my walk back from class today. I’d also give you a piece of the dove chocolate I forgot my sweet Jayme had given me at Christmas.

I would be drooling over your coffee though since I am still fasting from coffee while my church is doing the Daniel Fast. I’d have ordered a smoothie, or maybe tea, though I haven’t been enjoying or finding any tea I really like. So I’d probably ask if you knew of any yummy teas. I want one thats really fruity and yummy!

I’d tell you about the presents I’ve got for my boy recently for upcoming valentines day and our 10 month-iversary. I’d also tell you about the sweet note he left on my board.

I’d definitely talk about my Grandparents a lot, they’re on my mind so much lately with all thats going on health-wise.

If we were having coffee I’d ask

How are you?

What’re you drinking?

and What books are you reading? (and tell you I have a growing stack of books I need to read!)

So tell me your answers if we were having coffee 🙂