Virtual Coffee

by shelbyisrad

I’m linking up with Lucky Number 13 to enjoy some virtual coffee.

So if we were meeting for coffee I would really be hoping you’d comment on my cute (and pretty stylish) outfit.

I paired a teal dress with a dark grey cardigan and similar colored printed tights my black steve madden boots and get this: a BROWN belt. booyah. black brown grey and teal… thats how I role!

I would tell you that I’d been up since 5 AM and was desperately in need of this french vanilla creamer filled coffee because the coffee i made this morning was GROSS and COLD!

If we were meeting for coffee I’d snap your picture with my new camera and take picture of our mugs beside each other. I’d tell you about my DELICIOUS chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. I’d tell you how theres a guy from my highschool who goes to UNCW and I see him about twice a week and he doesn’t even make eye contact with me. I’d also tell you how Aimee told me it was probably because he was so intimated by my beauty and how much that made me smile.

I’d tell you all about the things I got My boy for valentines day (unless it was him I’m meeting for coffee) and show you the totally cute present I got for our anniversary (which isn’t until April) If I had my computer I’d share this link, of a vintage dress I am ACHING to have. (doesn’t it just scream Dorothy! I totally LOVE the Wizard of Oz)

I’d also tell you in just TEN days I’ll be reunited with my ‘adopted’ family (the family I used to nanny for) and I was SOO excited to see my munchkins and watch Avery dance!!

So tell me whats going on in your world?

Whatcha drinking in this virutal coffee meet up?

Think I could rock that dorothy dress?