What I wore Wednesday

by shelbyisrad

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy and sharing some outfits I wore this week.

I’m a little nervous because I feel like a lot of people probably don’t give a rat’s behind about what I’m wearing

And I don’t want people to judge my outfit choices.

But i’ve said this blog is for me and what I want to write about.

So if you don’t like it just stop reading and move along with your life.

Here goes!

This first one isn’t actually from this week, but it was the outfit i wore to a friend’s wedding a little bit ago and I love it!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Ross

Cardigan: Hand me down from Paula

Hair clip: Forever 21

Ruffled Wristlet/Clutch: Gussy

These are all from the same day… the morning started out rainy (hence the boots) then as I was getting ready for my next class the sun came out and it was like 68 degrees and I KNEW I needed to have barelegs. Later as I went to church the temp had dropped so I added the tights and boots.


Stripey Shirt: Ross

Olive Skinny Jeans: JcPenney (?)

Rainboots: Hand me down from Jayme

Skirt (that is actually a dress): Target

Ruffley Cardigan: TJ Maxx (my favorite cardigan i luff it)

Flats: Charlotte Russe

Tights: Walmart

Black Boots: Steve Madden

Rainbow nails, Pegasus Earrings (Grandma’s Jewelry box), Messy Room


NYC Subway Map Shirt: Gift

Yellow Skinnies: JC Penney (?)

Flats: JC Penney (?)


Coat: Christmas Present. (here.)

Purse: HANDMADE from the sweet sweet Jen!

Teal Dress: Ross(?)

Cardigan: Ross

Belt: Taken off another dress

Tights: Walmart

Boots: Steve Madden

And now one of my roomie’s cuteness