Big box

by shelbyisrad

So what happens when one of your roommates gets a keyboard in the mail and has a leftover giant box and my boy comes over?

Silliness Ensues!

First the boy climbs in and we learn he is too heavy for my roomies to lift

So we just laugh at his silliness

And I of course decide to sit on him! (and we make the same creepy smile)

And I insist we take another where I’m smiling more normal (thats his serious face)

And I laugh a lot…

And then I have the idea to roll him over!

I struggle and strain (my left arm isn’t so useful after my shot)


So i of course show off my (non existent) muscles!

and then take a really creepy funny picture of him!

And then I hop in the box!

more like i crawl in the The boy and Roomie stand me up (scary experience)

I wiggle down to try to fit!

The boy investigates!

And I try and figure out how in the heck I am gonna get out of this thing!

and sadly not documented was boy and roomie laying me back down (I screamed a lot! it was scary!)

Its just a typical day for me πŸ™‚